Lethbridge Gas Station Decommission & Demolition

December 2017 – January 2018

KLS was the successful winner of the bid for this multi-tank removal project. This project required our expertise in the excavation and disposal of impacted soil to a Class 2 landfill. Further to this, we completed the backfill and compacted excavation.


WestJet Wide Body Hangar 

October – November 2017

KLS successfully won the bid for completing the Earthworks and Deep Underground Utilities for the construction of WestJet’s new wide body hangar at the YYC Airport. KLS excavated and moved 35,000 cubes of soil to stockpile in order to install all site services including water, storm, and sanitary.

High River Flood Mitigation (Phase 2)

November 2017 – March 2019

KLS expanded into the shallow and deep underground utilities segment in 2017.  One of the first projects we were awarded was this Women’s Coulee High River Flood Mitigation (Phase 2) project worth over $14MM and will require over 38 KLS personnel at the peak of construction. This is an expansive and complicated project  consisting of installing +/- 5400 meters of 1500mm and 1350mm irrigation line, installing new cross drains, drain inlets, turnout hookups, a flow through manhole, fish outfall, an inlet control building and an outlet control building.

In addition, we will be installing three cast in place structures and regrading 1000 meters of existing canal between the new outfall structure and the Women’s Coulee Dam. Backfilling and regrading the canal will require trucking over 120,000 m3 of common excavation, 20,000 m3 of import and 38,000 m3 of waste material. This will require team members from every division to help complete this project.

17th Avenue SW Corridor Upgrades

April 2017 – Spring 2020

In May 2017 KLS began the 17th Avenue SW Corridor project. This roadworks program spans from Macleod trail to 14th St SW. It will be a complicated project as this is one of the busiest streets in the city with lots of foot traffic. This project will rehabilitate the road and sidewalks and upgrade the underground utilities. It also includes complete removal of existing asphalt, sidewalk and curb hard surfaces including road excavation. KLS will haul approximately 20,000 cubes of soil and remove about 32,000 square meters of asphalt. This project involves coordination with the City and the local businesses along the 17th Avenue Corridor. This rehabilitation is expected to last three years.

Hexavalent Chromium Remediation

Fall 2017

KLS responded to an urgent request to contain and remediate a commercial property in Calgary that had soil impacted with Cr+6. The levels of contamination did not pose an airborne threat, but the PPE at the site was elevated to ensure that our excavation team did not breath in dust from the impacted material. KLS performed all excavation activities with our workers wearing full Tyvek suits and ½ mask face protection with 3M P100 filtration cartridges.

KLS was then tasked as the carrier to transport the material to a Class I landfill near Cynthia, AB (aprrox 4h one way). This material was classified under federal manifests and required specialized landfill approval protocols. KLS mobilized our truck and quads over to safely transport all of the impacted material to the Class I landfill. As the site was in a busy urban area, the loading took place at 3am to avoid vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Special thanks to the entire KLS team that participated and safely executed this complex and unique project. You truly demonstrated the quality and safety that these projects require.

17th Avenue BRT Phase 2

The 17th Avenue BRT project will be an expansive job for KLS. This project spans from Blackfoot Trail and 9th Ave SE over the Bow river where there will be instream berms placed to install the new bridge piers. A new bridge will be built across Deerfoot Trail continuing across the canal up to the intersection of 17th Avenue SE and 26th St SE. It will have an import of over 120,000m3 common fill that will be placed over the next 2 seasons.

Macleod Trail & 162nd Avenue DDI

Fall 2015 – Late Fall 2017

Scope: Total Earthworks including Commercial & Industrial Earthworks and Mass Excavation & Backfill

Project timeline

Fall 2015: Completion of phase 1 construction

Early 2016 –  Fall 2016: Construction of first two bridge/overpass structures

Fall 2016: Begin phase 2 of detour construction

Winter 2016 – Fall 2017: Construction of third bridge/overpass structure and associated roadworks

Fall 2017: Anticipated completion of project

KLS is proud to be involved with completing the first Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) in Canada. This project was coordinated between the City of Calgary and the Province’s plans for the Southwest Calgary Ring Road (SWCRR). Our role included removal of existing asphalt and concrete infrastructure; supply & placement of 350 000 m3 of imported soils; detail excavation and backfill for bridge structures including center piers and bridge abutments; and supply and placing of over 70,000 tonnes of 40mm drain rock for MSE walls.

This has been an on-going complicated project with many impacts including significant road and pedestrian road restrictions and closures.

Sheerness Mine

January 2017 to End of February 2017

Scope: Hydrocarbon Impacted Soil Remediation Treatment

Excavation and transporting over 40,000 cubic meters of gas and diesel impacted soil within an operational coal mine.

KLS constructed a haul road and land treatment cell to transport excavated material by 40 ton rock trucks to the land treatment cell and constructing windrows. Due to high volatile vapor concentration KLS used full mask respiratory protection with OVA cartridges. Air monitoring was performed by a third party consultant.

Crew: 1 CAT349 Excavator, 1 CAT D6R Dozer and 4 CAT 40 Ton Rock Trucks

Fox Creek

January 2017 to End of February 2017

Scope: Remediation of Impacted Soil

In October 2016 there was a pipeline spill in Fox Creek. KLS was the successful remediation contractor chosen to complete the excavation of the impacted soil on this active lease area. 30,000 tonnes of impacted soil were disposed of at a class 2 landfill.

Crew: 2 x CAT 328 Excavators, 1 CAT D6T Dozer and 10 Truck & Trailer Hauling units.

Foothills Medical Center –
Site Decommissioning/Demolition

Fall 2016 – Early Spring 2018

Scope: Commercial & Industrial Earthworks, Decommissioning/Demolition

KLS was awarded the contract for the demolition and earthworks for Parkade P1 at the Foothills Medical Center. Part of this contract included the construction of a new gravel/recycled asphalt parking lot as well as the earthworks component for Lot 8A upgrade.

The demolition component of the project was the demolition of a 2 level post-tension concrete and steel structure. The project required an engineered demolition plan, site specific safety plan, eco-plan, dust control plan, and noise mitigation plan. Upon completion of the demolition, KLS will switch to the excavation and backfill component required for the construction of a new 4 level parade structure.

KLS utilized specialized demolition attachments to complete the project and developed procedures that met the strict requirements for personnel, hospital, and patient safety.

The collaboration between KLS and the General Contractor for the project allowed the project to be completed safely and efficiently.


Arris Tower

October 2016 – January 2017

Scope: Environmental Construction, Commercial & Industrial Earthworks, Mass Excavation & Backfill & Remediation/Reclamation

KLS was awarded the bulk, detail excavation & backfill scope for this mass excavation project for a 5 level parkade. The project was in a busy urban environment that further complicated the safety and logistical requirements associated with exporting large volumes of clean and impacted soil. KLS implemented specialized safety and traffic management protocols to ensure the highest level of worker and resident/pedestrian safety throughout the multi-month project.

KLS also utilized a screen/crush method to segregate impacted soils from recyclable gravels. This unique approach resulted in a significant decrease of material requiring Class II landfill disposal.

Hydrocarbon impacted soil was segregated during excavation, manifested, and transported to an appropriate landfill for disposal.

Total excavation volume was approximately 150,000m3 with approximately 50,000 m3 (90,000 tonne) that required Class II landfill disposal.

KLS worked with the water collection and discharge subcontractor for both surface water and groundwater entering the excavation. The system removed both the physical and chemical constituents to meet City of Calgary storm sewer discharge criteria.

Radius Tower

June 2016 – July 2017

Scope: Environmental Construction, Commercial & Industrial Earthworks, Mass Excavation & Backfill & Remediation/Reclamation

This was a large, complicated basement excavation project for KLS. We remediated the soil and disposed 60,000 tonnes of it at a Class 2 Landfill. Further to this, KLS received a Thank-You letter from the General Contractor commending our crews and their efforts especially their dedication to safety and completing the project on schedule. KLS Management would like to express their appreciation to our crews for doing such great work on this job and impressing our client.


DSC_0647 projects

YYC Pond Construction

KLS is proud to announce the successful completion of the site earthworks and environmental construction for the new Apron X de-icer pond at the Calgary International Airport. The scope included the demolition and removal of approximately 2600m² of existing taxiway shoulder, the perimeter fencing, and an existing weather station. The project required the excavation of 100,000m³ of topsoil and native material and the majority of the volume removed within the first 60 days of the project.


Mountain View Storm Pond

Mountain View Storm Pond is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a new storm pond for the new community of Mountain View in Okotoks. It collects all the storm water from the new community, collects the silt, and then releases the clean water to the nearby creek. On this project, we were required to excavate 3 meters below the area’s water table and install a Geo Synthetic Liner, shape and put to grade landscape; all while protecting the nearby creek and environmental reserve. KLS can now say that we have significant experience with working below ground water table at very high water flows.


Airport Underpass “J” and “R”

KLS started working on this project in the late fall of 2011. Now that this project is complete, McCall Way has been rerouted through the two tunnels and under the new taxiways that the airport has built building during their massive expansion. One of the challenges faced with this project was the tight time line in which we had to move 300,000 cubic meters of material in the middle of the winter and also the amount of rock we had to excavate.


The Drake Tower

The Drake Tower is a basement project that is the new home of a 17-story condo development that is located at 15th Ave and 7th Street SW. This basement is 39 meters long by 23 meters wide and has a depth of over 14 meters deep. It is one of the deepest basements we have ever done in such a small footprint. One of the major challenges with the project was the tolerances that the buildings secant pile walls had to be trimmed to (+/- 25mm). For the trimming of that tolerance we purchased a Rotary Drum Cutter to mill the concrete to grade.


Saskatoon – Circle Drive Extension

In 2010, KLS began operating in Saskatchewan. We helped work on the ring-road project to complete Circle Drive in Saskatoon. The project had over 500,000m³ of dirt to be moved under the KLS contract, including construction of several new interchanges and a bridge to cross Saskatchewan River.


Glenmore Trail & 37th Avenue SW

In preparation for the future South West ring road connecting Stoney Trail to South Calgary, an overpass was required to temporarily route traffic away from the intersection at Glenmore Trail and 37th Street SW. The overpass would potentially be used for several years, and required construction of two large ramps, retaining walls and a bridge over Glenmore Trail. KLS constructed the ramps and provided PCL with digital quantity takeoffs to aide in verifying earthworks quantities before construction began. The overpass is now open allowing Glenmore Trail traffic to travel through the intersection without traffic lights to impede flow.


West LRT Extension

The LRT system in Calgary has recently been extended west of downtown into South West Calgary. The project involved many stages of construction with the track running above ground, below ground and elevated above existing roadways. KLS worked with the SNC Lavalin/Graham Joint Venture for this project, completing complicated excavations and embankment fills to facilitate the new tracks and stations.


Stampede Park South Entrance

KLS worked with the Calgary Stampede Board to create a new entrance to Stampede Park behind the grandstand area. A new bridge was constructed for better access to this area. The access into Inglewood was closed for the duration of this project in order to excavate underneath the existing road to create the access onto the new bridge.


Scenic Acres Link

This large interchange project brought Stoney Trail up and Scenic Acres Link down to increase traffic flow in this area. KLS managed excavations and backfills along this interchange as well as earthworks associated with bridge construction. A large quantity of material was moved both onsite and offsite to allow for this interchange to be constructed.


Glenmore Trail – Graves Bridge

Glenmore Trail’s Graves Bridge was built to cross the Bow River on the east side of Deerfoot. A second bridge was being erected parallel to the existing structure in order to widen Glenmore Trail. KLS has extensive experience in situations where work is executed near a river. This is one example of how KLS operates under these conditions. By using environmentally friendly oils and lubricants as well as multiple techniques of erosion and sediment control, we decreased our impact upon the river.


Glenmore Trail & Elbow Drive Interchange

The interchange project at Glenmore Trail, Elbow Drive and 5th Street S.W. was completed in 2007 after two years of construction. KLS was responsible for all earthworks activity on this site during that time. Over 500,000m³ of material was removed from the area to allow Glenmore Trail to run underneath both 5th St and Elbow Drive.​