Our Commitment to Safety and Environmental Protection is Always First

Safety is one of the foundations that KLS has been built on. We believe that the safety of our employees, other contractors and the general public is paramount.

Certificate of Recognition

KLS Earthworks has held a valid Certificate of Recognition (C.O.R.) since 1995 and is a member of the Partners in Injury Reduction Program through the Alberta Construction Safety Association and Alberta Employment. This certificate confirms that KLS’s safety program has been rigorously inspected by an independent auditor and meets or exceeds Workplace Health and Safety standards, the Alberta Construction Safety Association and the Government of Alberta.

KLS Safety Program

The KLS Safety Program is continually evolving to ensure that we remain a leader in our industry. We use Digital Analogue Training Software, providing industry leading safety monitoring techniques. We recognize that while legislation and codes are vital, safety goes beyond regulation and is a fundamental component corporate culture. Our management and safety departments work closely with field crews to ensure that safety practices are understood and followed. We understand that a safety program must evolve with our industry, technology and regulatory changes.

Management Involvement

KLS Management is fully committed to protecting employees from harm in the workplace. Not only is this a prime policy but it is bolstered by the strong on site presence that is part of the KLS culture.

Inspections are required to be done by all management staff to encourage site visits so that fresh perspectives can be introduced to ensure safety. This enables workers, supervisors and management to communicate on a regular basis which is vital to the program.

Pre-Job Hazard Assessment

Prior to work commencing on a new job site an 18-page pre-job hazard assessment takes place in order to fully categorize all potential hazards that could arise over the length of the job.

The hazards are rated on Severity, Probability and Degree of Risk. A pre-job meeting then takes place to review the hazards with all KLS employees on that job and the attendance is recorded.

Journey Management Policy

Our policy will be used for extended trips that are greater than 200 km from last location, or when our workers are travelling in highly risky situations (ice roads, extremely remote sites, etc.).

Vehicles must be driven courteously and in accordance with current highway and traffic regulations.

Program Supervision

A Journey Manager is appointed at KLS Earthworks to ensure drivers are trained in Journey Management with all the associated hazards and preparations required.

Routes, Weather, Rest periods and Driver’s hours are addressed and mandated, and General Safety Rules are covered within the policy.
Required Vehicle equipment is standardized as well as the criteria for operating KLS Earthworks company vehicles.

Toolbox Meetings

Toolbox Meetings take place weekly and are composed of hazards or things of note from the site as well as a toolbox topic selected by the Safety Coordinator based on trends noted from the previous week.

These Toolbox Meetings are recorded electronically in the database and a printed report can be generated at a moment’s notice.

A radio Toolbox is done every week on the two channels dedicated for KLS use. There are two-way radios in all equipment and trucks to ensure that the message is passed on.

Field Level Hazard Assessment

Our hazard assessment is a two-page document which covers 6 different areas of concern on a general basis then breaks the concerns down into individual tasks and the associated hazards.

To further enhance the document the hazard controls are provided on the sheet along with the Safe Work Practice or Safe Job Procedure directly indicated from the company Safety Manual.


Ours Supervisors have their safety courses reviewed annually and re-certifications are done, or new courses are taken to enable them to perform their job to the highest standard.

Supervisors will have the skills required to assess worker’s abilities, strengths and areas for improvement and make recommendations for updated training.

Hazardous Waste

KLS has a definitive Environmental Management Program which clearly outlines the requirements for handling Hazardous materials.

From transportation and the Alberta Environment Manifest System to Storage, Reuse, Recycling, Disposal and Landfill and Emergency Equipment.

All hazardous waste must be clearly identified to understand its handling concerns in accordance with legislative requirements. It must be stored in appropriate containers and must have a Safe Job Procedure specific to it. The Safe Job Procedure will refer to the MSDS out lining the proper PPE required for the waste.

KLS & the Environment

Protecting our natural environment is everyone’s concern. KLS Earthworks shares that concern and is committed to minimizing the impact of its activities on the environment while managing our operations economically and efficiently.

We take responsibility in upholding this commitment by:

  • Complying with applicable environmental law, industry standards, legislation and our own policies.
  • Making environmental considerations to conserve resources and prevent pollution as an integral part of our planning process.
  • Operating our vehicles and facilities in a manner that protects the environment.
  • Identifying and mitigating the adverse impacts of our operations on the environment in keeping with good environmental and business practices.
  • Remaining sensitive to the concerns of the public.
  • Development of a site-specific eco-plan.
  • Responding to environmental emergencies in a prompt and efficient manner.
  • Committing enough resources to ensure that our employees are fully informed of their responsibilities and are trained to protect the environment while performing their duties.

KLS Earthworks believes that reducing environmental, energy or social impacts in our day to day business will benefit our company, its employees and our clients. We are aware that managing resources and using a proactive approach to protect the environment will ensure long-term viability and integrity of the business. We will work to continually improve our environmental performance, while providing exceptional value to our clients.

Management, employees, and contractors are all committed to meeting this policy, now and in the future.